World Conservation Congress

Held once every four years, the IUCN World Conservation Congress brings together several thousand leaders and decision-makers from government, conservation and other NGOs, civil society, indigenous peoples, business, UN agencies, intergovernmental organisations, and academia, to influence the direction of conservation and global sustainable development for the next four years and to improve how we manage our natural environment for human, social and economic development. 

The WCC is a high priority for WCS and provides an important opportunity for us to promote the conservation and protection of wildlife and wild places. At the Congress, WCS is working to ensure there is significant attention on the conservation of wildlife and wild places, including: the conservation of threatened and endangered species; the establishment, management, and conservation of protected areas; the need to take strong action to stop wildlife trafficking, including efforts to end the ivory trade; and the need to protect the world’s great intact forests and other intact ecosystems.

WCS is playing a major role in organising content for the WCC Forum including keynote talks, workshops, and panel discussions, as well as promoting the adoption of key motions for the WCC Members’ Assembly. WCS also focuses on key motions, including those addressing the need for conservation action for elephants, pangolins, helmeted hornbills, eels, sharks and rays, whales and dolphins, tigers, giraffes, and intact forests. 



IUCN World Conservation Congress 2021 (Marseille, France)



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