Forests and Climate Change

WCS is working to secure recognition for high-integrity forests’ contribution to climate change mitigation and the goals of the Paris Agreement, particularly Article 4 which calls for the world to achieve a net balance between emissions by sources and removals by sinks by 2050. 

To support the implementation and impact of efforts to halt agriculture-driven deforestation, WCS has developed the Forest First approach, a new ‘risk-based’ framing for action on deforestation, that prioritizes efforts towards the farm and forests frontier. A brochure presents some case studies from WCS’s work in the field and provides some recommendations as to how producer countries can be supported to make the transition to becoming deforestation-free, whilst also involving and taking account of the impacts on local communities and smallholders. For more information, please click here.

WCS is also creating a novel instrument to incentivize conservation of high integrity tropical forests on the basis of the essential environmental services that those forests provide, including climate regulation and biodiversity conservation. The incentives are based on a new market-based, tradable certificate: the High Integrity Forest (HIFOR) Unit. This instrument complements but does not compete with existing financing instruments that credit reductions in climate-heating emissions from tropical deforestation (e.g. REDD+). For more information, please click here.

For more information about WCS’s work on forests and climate change, please click here.





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