Alliance for Wildlife and Forests

The Andean-Amazon countries are home to an unparalleled biological and cultural diversity, providing key environmental goods and services to local inhabitants and others. However, this diversity faces a growing threat posed by the illegal and unsustainable extraction of wildlife and timber that has an impact on the survival of many species, undermines national security and good governance and can be devastating for the region.

Considering this situation, the Alliance for Wildlife and Forests was formed, a regional action funded by the European Union and implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Visit 

General objective of the Action: Enhance civil society engagement to strengthen law enforcement and cooperation with and among authorities in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and the two tri-border areas with Brazil (Colombia – Peru – Brazil and Peru – Bolivia – Brazil), to combat wildlife and timber trafficking.

Specific objectives: 

  • Improve a common understanding of the dynamics of wildlife and timber trafficking in the region, generating diagnoses for the countries and their border zones about emerging trends and priority species to strengthen the fight against existing illegal trade.
  • Develop collaboration mechanisms between civil society and government agencies to improve law enforcement and control and surveillance systems to address wildlife and timber trafficking, by promoting regional and international.
  • Inform and engage civil society allies in the promotion and development of actions in cooperation with authorities to combat wildlife and timber trafficking, keeping them informed, aware and engaged, as key actors in these efforts.

Organised through the Alliance for Wildlife and Forests, the First High-Level Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade for the Americas aimed to both raise the visibility of the illegal wildlife trade and to provide a space for countries to discuss how to combat wildlife trafficking and collaborate regionally and trans-regionally. The Alliance also provided technical assistance to achieve the Lima Declaration, within the framework of the conference.

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