Alliance for Wildlife and Forests

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil are home to unparalleled biological diversity, which also provides key environmental goods and services for their populations. In the Andean-Amazon region, biodiversity faces serious threats due to human activities such as the illegal trafficking and commercialization of wild fauna and the increasing illegal and unsustainable extraction of timber.

Wildlife crime is committed all over the world, and not only alters the natural balance of ecosystems, but also threatens the survival of endangered species, good forest governance and public health.

Considering this situation, the Alliance for Wildlife and Forests was formed, a regional action funded by the European Union and implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The alliance aims to enhance civil society engagement to strengthen law enforcement and cooperation with and among authorities in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and the two tri-border areas with Brazil, to combat wildlife and timber trafficking. Visit:





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